Missardi, an Italian actuality in the global Fashion and Accessories system, Men and Women. A structure equipped with modern technical know-how built
and improved over the years.
Through the diversification of production, the Company is able to devise responses to increasingly demanding Market to new globalized emerging context.
Missardi encodes trend in a personal atmosphere able to deal with most important great Companies that have
elected the outstanding quality and professionalism of Missardi as a partner to create their own collections.

Massimo and Leandro Calugi, two master leather craftsmen, are the founders of Missardi, two Tuscan leather’s master, they built their Company as an
organization and technology jewel, with an artisanal feeling able to realize what is happening in our world, translating everything with scrupulous craftsmanship
and looking forward for new challenges without loosing their roots belonging to the past but looking to the Future.

The productive source, flexible and efficient, is meant to develop innovative ideas, with new research and experimental process, as far as leather and fabrics are concerned, this to be always ready to offer reliably
new fitting and ideas for an ever more contemporary and demanding traveler of today.