The application of technological resources that enhance the efficiency of the entire production process ensures a sophisticated approach to each individual garment.
The company possesses state-of-the-art machinery and instruments and an extensive structure dedicated to processing traditional materials, processes like washing, ageing, waxing and padding, bonding.
This leads to each garment having an individual impact, which is produced by qualified skilled workers and ensured through the strictest quality control system.
The company has always followed the philosophy of recycling, by reusing scrap materials for alternative products and using water-based ecological products for treating the leather and carries out continuous research to improve and use the latest techniques to safeguard the environment and the users of its own products.

Missardi has constantly adapted his structures and strategies to new and ever more demanding markets.
These strategic and reactive abilities of combining tradition with creativity, enhanced by the experience and competency of his professional team, have allowed
him to gain a major presence in various countries around the world.